Save time and eliminate the stress of international travel by letting the experienced advisors of Tour Plan International plan, book and support your next dream vacation.


Our advisors are experts in worldwide travel and passionate about sharing our own stories. We strive to enable truly unique, personalized insider experiences custom tailored for you.


While we encourage online research on destinations to satisfy your travel wish list, we save you the exorbitant amount of time needed for cost effective online travel research and booking.


We have personal knowledge of many worldwide destinations and can advise on the culture, language and how things may be done a little differently than when you’re at home.


Even if you love the thrill of the Google search, give yourself peace of mind and protect your investment by booking with an experienced, licensed travel advisor.

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Tour Plan International’s trusted travel advisors provide reliable and expert guidance for clients interested in leisure tourism with an emphasis on personalized trip planning services and escorted small group departures.


The Capocelli name that is displayed so prominently in our agency directory should be an inkling that you’ve come to the right place for planning an authentic trip to Italy.


Chat with advisors that not only have the true accents of their birthplaces in Europe but also have the knowledge to recommend the perfect travel components for your custom European vacation.


Ocean or River? Small ship or Mega Liner? Caribbean or Mediterranean? Allow us to take the guesswork out of this equation and share our knowledge about the product and cruise line that is perfect for you.


Whether it’s scuba diving Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman, snorkeling on the pristine beaches of St. John or being pampered at the all-inclusive luxury resorts scattered through the islands, our advisors can help you narrow down your choices and give you the best return on your travel investment.



Meet Antonella Capocelli

An Afternoon with Rome’s Premier Guide,  Antonella Capocelli With a rich tapestry of history, culture, and gastronomy, Rome is a city that continues to allure travelers from around the globe. For over 50 years, Tour Plan International has taken the pleasure of introducing small groups to Italy’s wonders, homing in on what makes the country…

Tips from Avid Cruisers

Tips from Avid Cruisers: Set Sail the Right Way! For this blog, we spoke to three avid cruisers, each with over 30 cruises sailed.  If you have a cruise booked or you are thinking about a cruise vacation, these “Tips from Avid Cruisers” will answer some of the top questions…while providing some tips from seasoned…

5 Questions for Kissy Gordon

Imagine spending decades exploring the world, navigating the oceans, scaling mountains, experiencing diverse cultures, and savoring global cuisine. For some, this might sound like an unattainable dream, but it’s a thrilling reality for Kissy Gordon. A seasoned Tour Plan International travel advisor, Kissy has turned her passion for travel into a fulfilling career. In an…

The Five Benefits of Travel Clubs

A particular thrill comes with planning your next big travel adventure, but there’s an even bigger thrill when you share this experience with a group of like-minded individuals. Welcome to the world of travel clubs, where wanderlust thrives, friendships form, and unforgettable journeys unfold. So, why join a travel club? Here, we explore the benefits…

Cruise Technology Tips

Technology is changing how we cruise, and we are here to provide tips for planning a fantastic voyage. As both ocean ships and river cruise boats return to near or full capacity, cruise lines use technology created during the pandemic in new and exciting ways. From smartphone apps to SkyLink fast Internet, change is fast-paced.…

Tour Plan International Packing Tips

When booking a vacation or long weekend with Tour Plan International, all you have to do is pack your bags. Our travel advisors do the planning, but you may still have questions about packing for your adventure. Or, you may want to try packing “Carry-On Only” for your next flight. Tour Plan International advisors in…

The Benefits of Small Group Travel

If you are thinking of a bucket list trip, you may wonder about the benefits of small-group travel. You ask, and we answer. The benefits range from price to extra perks, convenience, safety, and even better trip photos. (Yes, to find out how a small group tour can provide great trip photos, keep reading).  …

Sicily in Photos!

Enjoy our photos from Simply Sicily 2023.  From history to culture and food, the Tour Plan International small group tour enjoyed Sicily, Italy in April 2023.  We are happy to share our photos, and we hope to see you on a tour soon. For information about small group tours, vacations and excursions, visit the Tour…

Meet Stephany & Hear About the Future of Small Group Travel

A lot has changed in the travel industry in the past forty years…but much has also stayed the same.  Travelers still enjoy the history, culture, views and the incredible food of countries across the globe. Today, we talk with Stephany Capocelli Pishko.  Stephany has been a Travel Advisor for forty years with the Tour Plan…

A Foodie Lovers Trip to Old San Juan

How I Spent Three Days Exploring the Food and Culture of Old San Juan Less than four hours from wheels-up in Washington DC, I sat in a café across from my boutique hotel on Fortaleza Ave in Old San Juan. I started the day in jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and a jacket, but by…

Solo Travel Soars in Popularity

Solo Travel Soars in Popularity   Solo travel soars in popularity…with a spin. Keep reading to find out what solo travelers want this year. “I want to travel the world, and I don’t want to wait for others.”  That’s the number one reason solo travelers give as they plan their next adventure. 46% said that…

It’s Time to Add An Excursion to Your Vacation

You have a bucket list vacation booked with a travel advisor. Now is the time to add an excursion (or a few) to your travel plan. Layering excursions on top of your plan ensures you will experience all the region has to offer. And the excursions are led by locals who can provide an experience…


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