We realize that not all our clients have the same needs and expectations when it comes to travel. 

Are you a traveler who…

Knows where you want to stay, on which cruise you want to sail or which tour you want to take but are afraid to commit to booking online and not have a safety net?
Needs a little more advice in planning your perfect vacation?
Loves booking everything on your own and the thrill of the chase?
Wants a turnkey experience with no worries and lots of peace of mind?
Loves being around like-minded individuals while being escorted through our beautiful world in a hassle free way?
Makes decisions and plans Sales Incentive trips for your employees or customers at your company?

When you meet with one of our advisors, she will help you determine your traveler type and identify your needs. Regardless of your travel planning preferences, we have a plan for you.  We are your advocates and work hard to design travel and make recommendations that fit you personally.

Our advisors are constantly working to keep up with new travel regulations and protocols as well as learning about destinations and vendors.   We work to form relationships with hotels/resorts, tour companies, cruise lines, and other industry professionals not available to the public.  Our advisors charge professional planning fees that reflect our personalized service, our industry expertise and connections, and our dedication to provide the best service possible. Our services are listed below.


Complimentary Booking Services are still available for those of you that know exactly what you want, are ready to book but are afraid to commit to booking online. This is perfect for those travelers who want to ensure that they are getting the best value and who need general oversight before, during and after travel is completed. This service will also apply to any of our Small Group departures.


Consultations / Trip Design Services are also now being offered for the traveler that requires assistance with planning a trip, needs options and  the expertise of an advisor to create the perfect getaway. Fees for consultations start at $200.00, are collected in advance and typically involve a 45 minute planning session (either in person or via phone/ Zoom) culminating in the offer of up to 3 options for your trip.  Upon receipt of the proposed trip, you have the option to either book on your own or allow us the privilege of handling all your detailed booking requests.  Occasionally, minimal booking fees may be imposed if working with vendors that do not honor the traditional vendor/ travel agency relationship.

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